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General Questions

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We offer flat rate shipping to the US (lower 48):

Order Size Shipping Cost
$1-199 $14.95
$200-299 FREE
$300-399 FREE
$400+ FREE

Q: Do you ship to Canada? New Jersey? Colorado? France? Alaska?

A: Most of our shipments are throughout the U.S., but we also regularly ship throughout Canada and various international locations. For details on our Shipping Policy please visit our Shipping and Returns page. 

Q: Do you have any Sales or Coupon Codes?

A: We occasionally offer sales and coupon codes. Sign up for our Newsletter (bottom of page) to receive exclusive alerts about sales and coupon codes.

Q: Do you offer trade discounts?

A: We offer volume discounts for trades, contractors, architects and interior designers. For more information please feel free to email us.

Q: Do you offer samples?

A: We offer samples for a nominal fee for trades, contractors and interior designers. For more information on samples, please feel free to email us.

Q: What the lead time for my order?

A: Lead times vary based on the product. Please check the product listing (below 'Add to Cart' button) for accurate lead times.

Q: Do you offer rush shipping?

A: All orders are shipped using Ground shipping (typically 3-5 business days). If you would like to upgrade to Expedited shipping please contact us with your order contents and zip code and we will get you a rate for expedited shipping.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: For details on our return policy please visit our Shipping and Returns page. 

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: Our baseboard covers are manufactured in B.C., Canada using USA certified galvanized steel and aluminum.

All of our vent covers are custom manufactured in the US. 

Q: Which shipping service carrier do you use to ship your products?

A: Our baseboard covers are typically shipped via. FedEx or UPS

Vent cover orders typically ship via. UPS



Baseboard Cover Questions

Q: How do I measure my baseboard heaters to ensure these will work?

A: For detailed information on measuring your baseboard heater please see our retrofitting guide and measuring tips

Q: You don’t have the length I need, do you offer custom cut lengths?

A: Absolutely. Our baseboard covers are manufactured in all of the common industry standard lengths but we realize that some spaces have baseboard heaters that have previously been cut to fit a particular space. We will cut any standard length metal baseboard panel to your custom cut size at no charge, just order the next standard size up and leave your required length in inches in the comment section.



Q: Do you offer longer lengths?

Baseboard heaters longer than our standard lengths (6-8' depending on the profile) will require the use of multiple panels and couplers (available under Endcaps and Accessories) to join two or more panels together. (e.g. 8′ = Two 4′ panels and a coupler to connect them.)

Use this Heater Lengths Guide to determine the correct combination for any length beyond 7’.


Wood baseboard covers can be joined together to create longer lengths. ie. if you have an 8' baseboard you will need to order 2 of the 4' panels and join them together.

To join multiple panels you will need to select the 'joinable' end on the product listing:


NOTE: Please ensure you have enough clearance on each side of the baseboard heater to accommodate and extra few inches for the longer length--you can find the dimensions of the panels in the photos of the product as well as in the product listing. If you are unsure please contact us.

Q: Will your baseboard covers work with all baseboard heaters?

A: To ensure proper fit please check our retrofitting guide prior to ordering.

Q: Can the baseboard covers be used for Electric Baseboard Heaters?

A: Our DEMI baseboard covers can be used to fit over many electric heaters. To ensure proper fit please check our electric baseboard cover guide prior to ordering.

Our wood baseboard covers are intended for us on hydronic baseboard heaters only as use over electric heaters as they may present a significant fire risk.

Q: I am concerned about my child getting hurt, is your product child-safe?

A: Although our baseboard covers were developed to primarily address the need of making baseboard heaters look a whole lot nicer, the one-piece design has proven to also be an effective way of keeping small flammable toys and little fingers away from the heating element.

For more information on the safety of our products please see our child safety guide.

Q: Are your baseboard covers rust-proof?

A: Our baseboard covers are guaranteed not to rust as long as you own them.

Q: Do you offer installation?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer installation - most of our covers are simple to install and slip right over top of your existing heaters, no tools required. Check out our installation videos click here.

Q: Do you offer custom colors?

A: Our baseboard heater covers are only available in standard white powder-coat finish

The minimum order quantity for a custom color is 500 linear feet of panel. 

For smaller requirements, the most common method of achieving a custom color is to apply a coat of paint. Painting can involve either a spray on or roll on application. Using a primer first is always a good idea, but is not an absolute requirement for ensuring a satisfactory "stick" to the factory finish.

Q: Will your baseboard covers still allow my baseboard heaters to properly heat the room?

A: Yes. All of our baseboard covers have been properly tested to ensure the performance of your baseboard heater. By maintaining a gap (varying in height depending on the original baseboard heater being retrofitted) between the floor and the cover cool air currents within the room will freely pass through the bottom of the finned tube element and exit out of the numerous baseboard perforations ensuring optimal heating output. 





Vent Cover Questions

Q: How do I measure my vents to ensure a proper fit? 

A: Our vent covers are listed and sold by duct opening size (actual hole/rough opening) for instructions on measuring your vents please visit our measurement guide

Q: If the duct opening size says 12"x8" do I cut my hole 12"x8"? 

A: Yes. 

If the duct opening size on the vent you're looking at is listed as 12"x8" you can cut your hole 12"x8" and order the 12"x8" size and the frame on the back will fit inside of the duct opening. For instructions on measuring your vents please visit our measurement guide

The back frame will always be sized down from the listed size by 1/4-3/8" to ensure it will fit inside of your duct opening.

Q: Do you offer custom sizes?

A: Yes. We offer custom sizes in wood and metal. Any size, any shape, any pattern. To order a custom size please fill out the Custom Size Form for a custom size quote.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer custom sizes in Resin or Quick Ship/Bronze Series items.

Vent covers can also be supplied in both concave and convex profiles. 

Q: What are mounting holes? 

A: Mounting holes refers to the screw holes used for mounting the vent cover. All covers ordered with mounting holes will come with color matching screws. 

Q: Are mounting holes necessary?

Mounting holes are typically needed for a wall or ceiling application, but not needed for a drop-in floor cover application unless you would like to secure the grille to the floor.

If you do not want to use screws/mounting holes to attach your covers you will need to have an alternative method of adhesion or purchase a cover with a flush mount frame/can (available in Wood and Metal).

Q: What is the thickness of your Vent Covers?

A: The thickness of our vent covers varies depending on the type of cover. Please check the descriptions of the product listings for more info.

Q: Are your Vent Covers flat? 

A: Most of our covers come with a 1/2-3/4" frame on the back that fits into the duct opening. 


Resin: all have a flange except Iron Ring, Heritage Decorative and Ribbon

Wood: all are flat with no flange

Metal: most come with a 1/2" flange on the back but can also be made flat. Check under Accessories for a 'Flat no Frame' option. 


Q: Do you offer custom colors?

A: We do not offer custom colors at this time, but most of our covers have a paintable option: 'Unfinished' (Resin), Paint Grade Maple (Wood) or White (Metal) 

Don't see your answer? Contact us.