Electric Baseboard Covers

How to measure your Electric Baseboard Heaters to ensure proper fit 

Don't like the looks of your old electric baseboard heater Covers? We've got you covered!

 STEP 1: Check whether your heaters are controlled by a wall thermostat.  

Our DEMI baseboard covers work with electric baseboard heaters that have a wall thermostat.


If your electric baseboard heater has a thermostat (dial) on the front of the cover to turn it on/off then it is not compatible with the DEMI baseboard covers. 

 STEP 2:  Measure the height from the floor. 

 Measure from floor to top of the existing cover. The height should be 7½″ or greater.

(Objective: 7.5" or greater)


If your measured height is less than 7½″:

You will need to order mounting brackets. The mounting brackets will allow you to hang the panel at a minimum height of 7½″ to ensure there is a ¾″ gap between the panel and the floor.

This gap will provide airflow and is essential to proper operation of the existing heater. 

  STEP 3: Measure the depth of the existing heater from the wall.

Be sure to select the deepest part of the unit to measure. This could be the top, middle or bottom of your current heater depending on the brand. 

 (Objective: Less than 3-1/8")


The depth of the existing cover from the wall should be less than 3-1/8″ at its deepest point.

This solution will not work if the measured depth is greater than 3″.




If you have met the above conditions, then measure the length of your existing electric baseboard cover. 

Start on the left end and measure the entire length of the existing heater.


This is the length that you should order. 

Using this dimension, order the baseboard cover to this length.

If your measurement is not a whole foot dimension (ie: 3′, 4′, 5′, etc.), you will need to order the next size larger and utilize the “Need a custom cut length?” input box to order your exact dimension.


If your measurement is greater than the standard lengths we offer, you will need to order 2 or more panels and join them together using a coupler piece. (eg. for an 8' length you would need to order 2 of the 4' lengths plus a coupler to join them)      screen-shot-2022-02-07-at-1.37.59-pm.png

PDF compatibility guide


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We only recommend using the DEMI profile for electric baseboard heaters.