Custom Baseboard Cover Lengths





If your end to end measurement is greater than 3" longer than one of our standard length panels you may order the next standard size up and cut the panel down to length. For cutting instructions visit our custom cuts guide here.

We offer custom cuts as a courtesy - you just need to find and order the next size up and let us know in the 'Need a custom cut length?' section of the product listing the exact length you require in inches.


Please note: 

  • We do not offer custom heights.
  • We do not offer custom depths. If you have a depth that is greater than 3" you can find our suggested workaround here.
  • We do not offer custom cuts for wood baseboard covers.

Custom cut panels are non-refundable - if you order a custom cut it is final sale. If you require a lot of custom cuts it is advisable to cut them yourself onsight to ensure accuracy. 


Download PDF of custom cut lengths.








If you require a length that is longer than the standard lengths which we offer (6-8' depending on the profile) you will need to order multiple panels and join them together with a coupler piece (available under Endcaps and Accessories) (e.g. If you require a cover for a baseboard heater that measures 10′ = two 5′ panels and a coupler to connect them.)

To find out which combination of lengths we recommend to create a longer length you can find our heater lengths guide here.





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