Measure Baseboard Covers


Our baseboard covers are designed to yield an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to length measurements. With endcaps that can slide back and forth once snapped on, there is a full 3" of play from two endcaps (1.5" each endcap) on the end-to-end measurement on a typical straight heater*.

*If your end to end measurement is greater than 3" longer than standard lengths you will need to order the next standard size up and cut the panel down to length. For cutting instructions visit our custom cuts guide here.

Here are a few quick tips that will ensure measuring the length of your baseboard heater cover is quick and easy:

  • Always round down the actual measurement to a whole number (example: 72-3/4" measured, order a standard 6' panel)
  • Pay close attention to the photo above that show where to locate the zero mark on your tape measure.
  • Baseboard heaters longer than the standard lengths we offer will require the use of multiple panels and couplers to join the ends together seamlessly. 

As illustrated above, standard straight lengths are measured from end to end using the original baseboard heater cover back plate. If a straight section is missing the back plate, measure from one extreme end of desired coverage to the other extreme end of coverage. Subtract 1". This is the ideal panel length.

*For tips on measuring L-Shaped and C-Shaped corner heating units, click here

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