Custom Wood Baseboard Heater Lengths

We only offer stock sizes to cover 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft heaters - however wood baseboard covers can be joined together to create longer lengths. ie. if you have an 8' baseboard you will need to order 2 of the 4' panels and join them together.

To join multiple panels you will need to select the 'joinable' end on the product listing:


NOTE: Please ensure you have enough clearance on each side of the baseboard heater to accommodate and extra few inches for the longer length--you can find the dimensions of the panels in the photos of each product listing as well as in the product description. Each cover is extended by 2 inches to accommodate slightly longer lengths and fit AROUND the element. So for example a 5ft cover (see below) can accommodate up to 62". (Overall length would be 63.5" due to thickness of material) 

5’ panel:



Please understand that each panel is 3.5 inches longer than the stated length it can cover ie. a 5ft cover is 63.5 inches in total length. So if you are measuring a 11ft overall baseboard cover and order a 5ft-6ft configuration, the panels when connected will be 137.5 (62.75" + 74.75") inches in total length. The wood covers work well in certain situations but not in wall to wall situations, for example, which requires exact measurements – in this case you would be best to use metal replacements as they can be trimmed to fit any length.

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