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Square Steel Vent Cover

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Square Steel Metal Grille

Each of our grilles are master-crafted to last a lifetime and available in a variety of metals. Our newest grilles are made of steel in a square design similar to our cast aluminum grilles, but in a variety of new sizes, suitable for either floor or wall mounting. Each grille is crafted of 3/16" solid steel and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our square design is a simple look that's very contemporary but is also appropriate in traditional or antique settings, especially in black. 

  • 3/16” steel
  • Flat with no lip on the back
  • Supply option includes matching damper/louver designed to fit behind our grilles to control air flow (not direction)*

Most of our grilles can be used outside. We recommend the aluminum grilles for outdoor use because they are rustproof and fare better in moist environments.

ALL covers need to be ordered by the DUCT OPENING SIZE (do not measure your existing cover.) Overall dimensions will be larger than listed duct opening size.

*Louvers do not attach directly to the grille. All louvers tension fit into your opening and come with a foam outer strip to prevent damage and ensure fit. You just push the louver into the boot of the duct and place the grille on top. The grille will sit on top of the opening but not connect to the louver. A key is included that fits through the face of the grille and allows flow adjustments.


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Flat (no flange)

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