8 x 6 X-Rated Wood Vent Cover

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Adults Only. The X-Rated Wood Vent Cover is truly a mature people only affair. This wooden masterpiece is a great addition to any room in your house (including the bedroom). Don't be put off by the's really just clever way to make you buy it so that you can tell your friends you have X-Rated Wood Vent Covers. Guaranteed to make 90% (or less) of all visitors take a peek through your covers.

Wood Wood Vent Covers

Our wood grilles add to the beauty and esthetic of your home.

  • Each of our wood grilles can be cut to any size and any shape that you need.**
  • All wood grilles can be used to decorate air conditioning ducts or even Return Air Filters.
  • Grille borders can be custom made with any width.*
  • The grilles can be cut with or without mounting screw holes.*
  • Screws are included.
  • Can also be installed with a built in filter frame.**
  • Considering a flush mount installation? Learn more about our magnetic flush mount option. 

Our grilles are laser cut from 1/4" thick Baltic birch hardwood ply with an oak, maple, or cherry furniture grade face veneer. If you are going to paint your grilles, maple veneer is the best choice. We ship the grilles to you sanded, ready to paint or stain. Custom patterns and designs are available--we also offer air louvers** to adjust the flow of air from the grille. 


*Note: The standard size grilles have 1" borders with screw holes.

**Contact us to learn more.

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